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Along with the above-mentioned accent and dialect variation, Naturaltts supports 6 languages for your free text conversion. The best part about this tts software is that it’s free to use. Text to speech software is all over the internet, and for anyone who has difficulty reading, or needs a more accessible and welcoming feature on their website, are in high demand. Finding the right text to speech software is difficult as the market is constantly expanding each day.

  • You’re in luck, From Text to Speech comes free of charge.
  • It has 50,000 characters, so don’t worry about making a few paragraphs converted into an audio file with this software.
  • While many of the text to speech services that we have looked at so far have been geared towards the individual, Vocalware is a better choice for businesses who want to use text to speech functionality.

ReadSpeaker has one of the largest databases of voices available for any tts software. From Text To Speech will convert your text files to mp3 audio so you can play them on your PC or iOS device. The process is as simple as copying and pasting your text into the box, selecting the voice you want to read the text and what language used, and selecting create an audio file. The process is made extremely simple with this program. Their tts software allows you to follow along as the voice is speaking so you don’t lose your place on the website. As with all online tts programs, there are options for premium accounts and commercial accounts that will provide more features for a price.


TTSReader’s free program is, however, one of the most comprehensive and inclusive free programs available. Storage of your audio files can be hosted directly on Natural Reader’s website, allowing you to consolidate everything in one place. With the premium services which can range from $ in a onetime payment plan, Natural Reader offers users a whole database of natural high-quality voices that can be used commercially if needed.

The conversion from any format of a document can be done even at the free level. You can download your speech files into an mp3 or a .wav format, making access to the processed speech easy and reusable. Once you’ve transferred your text into speech, Naturaltts allows you to use the audio anywhere you need.

Text to speech software can assist them in hearing and listening to whatever they need and want, with no obstacles or creating difficulties for someone else. The astonishing thing about this program is that every single word gets pronounced correctly. That feature is making this type of software extremely beneficial. The reason why that is possible is that the text that is typed in is carefully analyzed and then restructured before pronounced audibly. So if you want to try out some online text to speech converters, simply check

But also check out our ten benefits that this software can add to your daily life, or maybe your business. Bring stories, plays – any text – to life with Narrator! Using the rich voices of the Mac OS, hear the text you’ve added, read out loud. Choose different voice attributes for your assigned characters such as rate, pitch, inflection and volume. There are silent read-along options for stage directions.

During the high innovation period, more and more tools like EasySplitter or Naturallts becomes handy in different spheres of life and business. Naturally, the internet can provide every one of us with what we need, and there are several online softwares that can help us a lot in various circumstances. Let us say that someone suffers from dyslexia when it comes to learning or reading disorders.